Marketing for Professional Services Firms

We understand our customers better, have enhanced relationships and have positioned ourselves to be included in beauty parades for those projects/clients we wish to work on/with”
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Do you know, without a doubt, what’s important to your clients and how you’re performing?

Have you identified opportunities to win new business from your existing clients?

We specialise in conducting face-to-face and telephone interviews using our proprietary client feedback process in order to help you improve client service and win new business from your existing clients.

Results our clients have achieved as a result of our client feedback process include:

  • 6 concrete new business opportunities identified that the firm didn’t previously know about.

  • $250,000 in new business from existing customers by pursuing opportunities identified through the feedback process.

  • Saving a $2 million account.

Our clients tell us their stakeholders enjoy our process, feel comfortable talking to us, and provide higher quality, more useful information than if our clients were to talk to them directly.

Other qualitative research we conduct includes:


Other external stakeholder reviews – designed to uncover external perceptions of your brand.

Internal reviews – designed to uncover internal brand perceptions (your ‘employer brand’) or a sensitive way to provide honest feedback about managers.


Project/matter reviews – reviews conducted at the end of a piece of work. Take learnings and apply them to future projects to ensure your client service is the best it can be.


Win/loss reviews – reviews carried out routinely, as part of your pitch process. Use the information to refine future tenders.


Testimonial/case study interviews – capture feedback from clients to help you win new business


If you would like to bring the voice of your clients into your firm, call us on T: 09 634 1905 or

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