Marketing for Professional Services Firms

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Do you want to create deeper relationships with your clients?


Implementing a tailored client relationship management programme will help you to institutionalise your relationships with your important clients. You will:


  • reduce the risk of losing the client

  • drive client loyalty

  • improve your share of wallet

  • improve your profitability.


Results our clients have achieved as a result of our tailored client relationship management programme:


  • successfully saved at risk relationship by truly understanding the client’s needs and delivering what the organisation actually wanted.

  • getting more and better work from their existing client base and increasing the number of unprompted referrals.

  • increased profitability by identifying the work that truly helps our clients meet their strategic objectives.

  • increased client engagement and satisfaction through differentiated service.


  • improved internal communication and information sharing across teams that enabled firm to capitalise on its various strengths.


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